My name is Gary Shouldis.  I own 3Bug Media, a digital marketing company that has been serving small business owners since 2008.  I’m originally from NYC, but spent 7 years in Toronto for business, which is my company’s main base of operations and where most of our clients are located.  I have been living in Charlotte for over almost 4 years now, we moved here for better weather and family atmosphere.  I also have a background in franchising, having owned several franchises in the past and have worked as a marketing and operations consultant for several franchise groups.

I was first introduced to the concept of masterminds while living in Toronto.  I was fortunate enough to fall into a wonderful mastermind group that was led by an internet entrepreneur, who is now a multi-million dollar internet entrepreneur.  It is here I learned about the world of digital marketing and the power of a mastermind group.  I belonged to the same group of 7 people for over 5 years, helping each other grow our businesses.  We became friends and advisors to each other.  I learned that having a group of smart, experienced peers to talk to was much more powerful than trying to go it alone.

Since I’ve been in Charlotte, I have yet to find anything like what I had back in Toronto.  Most mastermind groups and meetings I have attended were networking and group coaching events disguised as a mastermind group.  I don’t think most people understand what a real mastermind group is.

So I’m hoping to start my own mastermind group here in Charlotte, a small group of smart, knowledgeable entrepreneurs who want to grow their business and to share their experiences with others.  If you think this could be something for you, I would love to hear from you.

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